Our History

We are currently undergoing the necessary procedures to obtain licensing for our adult family home. Its foundations are firmly rooted in family and a passion for providing excellent care for the elderly. It was founded by Mercedes Ancheta, a dedicated care provider who opened her first adult family home back in 2008 and is still operating in the Des Moines area.

This new facility was initially envisioned as her second home. However, in preparation for her imminent retirement, she made the decision to hand over the reins to her son TeeJay Ancheta to operate it as a distinct entity. Over the years, he has garnered substantial experience and knowledge in managing the original home alongside his mother, making him an ideal choice to steer this new venture.

This decision was made with an eye to the future, to streamline the transition when she retires. Instead of navigating the intricacies of a change in ownership at that stage, Mercedes proactively established her sons as the owners of the business. This ensured a smooth succession and preserved the continuity of care and management that has become our hallmark.

Our adult family home is not just a business; it’s a family affair. Much of our staff are family members or have close ties with the family, contributing to a warm, tight-knit community environment. This deep-seated connection fuels our commitment to providing an exceptionally high level of care, comfort, and compassion to every resident we serve.

Our journey from Des Moines to Federal Way reflects our evolution and growth as a provider. Yet, at the heart of it all, our core values remain the same – dedication to the care of our residents, respect for their individuality, and a commitment to creating a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment that feels like home. As we look to the future, we’re excited to continue providing high-quality care for the elderly in the Federal Way area, guided by the same passion and commitment that marked the beginnings of our journey in 2008.

Why Choose Us?

Our home is nestled in a serene neighborhood predominantly occupied by other adult family homes, ensuring a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Yet, we are strategically located just a stone’s throw away from critical healthcare facilities. An emergency room is within a 2-minute drive, and St. Francis, a major hospital, is merely 8 minutes away. This proximity ensures that immediate medical attention is always within reach, offering peace of mind to our residents and their families.

For shopping and dining convenience, we’re within a 5-minute radius of major retailers such as Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Target, Amazon Fresh, and Best Buy. Dining options are plentiful, with popular eateries like Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Red Robin, and McDonald’s in the vicinity.

For residents who appreciate nature and outdoor activities, we’re ideally situated. We are just 4 minutes away from the picturesque Redondo Beach and a short 3-minute drive from Steel Lake, perfect for tranquil walks or relaxation. Within an 8-minute drive, you can find the Pacific Bonsai Museum, a unique cultural attraction that our residents can enjoy. Additionally, our location is enriched by the presence of three local parks, all less than 4 minutes away, offering spaces for recreational activities and enjoying the outdoors.

In short, Serene Grace Adult Family Home offers the ideal location, combining the tranquility of a peaceful neighborhood with the convenience of nearby amenities and healthcare facilities, all within minutes of our home.

Personalized Care
At Serene Grace Adult Family Home, we take pride in our commitment to providing personalized care that is uniquely tailored to meet the needs and preferences of each resident. We understand that every individual is unique, and so are their care requirements.

With our low staff-to-resident ratio, we ensure that our trained and compassionate staff members are always available to attend to our residents, providing them with the attentive care they deserve. This enables us to create a customized care plan for each resident, acknowledging their unique circumstances, needs, and preferences.

Whether it’s assistance with daily living activities, specialized dementia or mental health care, or simple companionship, we adapt our care approach to suit each individual. We promise to offer a nurturing, respectful, and personalized care experience to every resident, helping them to live a fulfilling and dignified life at Serene Grace Adult Family Home.

Family Atmosphere
For those who are seeking a homely environment that exudes warmth and affection, look no further. At Serene Grace Adult Family Home, you’ll find not just a care provider but a family ready to support you in every possible way. Here, we ensure that every resident feels the comfort of home, the joy of being part of a family, and the dignity that comes with personalized care.

Our staff, many of whom are family members, does not just care providers but becomes an extended family for our residents. This strong bond creates a warm, welcoming, and nurturing atmosphere where everyone feels at home. We believe this personal connection fosters an environment of trust, empathy, and mutual respect – essential elements of a quality living experience.

For those who are seeking a homely environment that exudes warmth and affection, look no further. At Serene Grace Adult Family Home, you’ll find not just a care provider, but a family, ready to support you in every possible way. Here, we ensure that every resident feels the comfort of home, the joy of being part of a family, and the dignity that comes with personalized care.

At Serene Grace Adult Family Home, we’ve carefully designed our amenities to offer a blend of comfort, enjoyment, and convenience for our residents.

Our home features seven private and spacious rooms, providing our residents with their own personal sanctuary. For added convenience, five of these rooms come equipped with a private half bath, including a toilet and sink, allowing residents to enjoy a sense of independence and privacy.

For residents with mobility concerns, we’ve taken great care to ensure our spaces are accessible and comfortable. Our home features a spacious wheel-in shower bathroom designed to make personal care a hassle-free experience.

Beyond the personal living spaces, Serene Grace Adult Family Home offers shared amenities designed to enrich the lives of our residents. Our dedicated music and game room offers an inviting space for residents to enjoy their favorite tunes, engage in a game of cards or chess, or enjoy a lively conversation with fellow residents.

Outside of our home, we ensure that our residents stay connected with the local community. We’re located just a short 7-minute drive from our local senior center, providing opportunities for residents to participate in a range of activities and social events.

At Serene Grace Adult Family Home, we also understand that our amenities aren’t one-size-fits-all. As part of our commitment to personalized care, we’re always open to feedback and suggestions from residents and their families about how we can further enhance our amenities and make our home an even more enjoyable and comfortable place to live.

Also, we’re excited to share that we’re currently in the process of constructing a deck. This outdoor addition will serve as a tranquil space for residents to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the natural beauty of our surroundings.

Whether it’s savoring a morning coffee, reading a favorite book, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the outdoors, our new deck will provide additional space for relaxation and leisure. This construction represents our continuous dedication to enhancing our home’s amenities and our commitment to creating a comfortable, enjoyable, and fulfilling living environment for all our residents.

24/7 Support
Our living quarters are uniquely designed, with each floor featuring its own kitchen, living space, and private areas, guaranteeing a comfortable and spacious environment for both our staff and residents.

Our living quarters are uniquely designed with each floor featuring its own kitchen, living space, and private areas, guaranteeing a comfortable and spacious environment for both our staff and residents.

We’re not just about a physical presence, however. We take advantage of the latest technology-based monitoring systems to provide an added layer of security and support. These systems allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to any needs or emergencies, further ensuring the well-being of our residents.

In addition, we have established solid support systems in place that work hand-in-hand with our technology-based monitoring. These systems offer crucial assistance in various aspects of daily living and emergency situations, creating a safe and supportive environment at all hours of the day.

At Serene Grace Adult Family Home, our 24/7 support is more than just a service – it’s our promise to residents and their families that we’re always here, always ready, and always committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and caring home.

Safety Measures
We utilize a robust security system equipped with strategically positioned cameras in compliance with privacy regulations. This allows us to monitor our common areas and outdoor spaces effectively without intruding upon our residents’ privacy. In addition, sensors have been installed on all doors and windows, which serves as a critical measure, particularly for residents who may be prone to wandering or elopement. This system quickly alerts us to any unusual activity, enabling us to promptly respond and ensure the safety of our residents.

Beyond the physical boundaries of our home, we also champion a collaborative community approach to safety. Our neighbors, as well as adult family home providers, share our commitment to creating a safe environment. This collective endeavor fosters an invaluable support network, where we assist one another in maintaining security and well-being for all residents in our care. This extends the scope of safety from an individual home to a community-wide initiative, greatly enhancing the overall security measures in place.